Choosing the right cat litter

We know that every cat is different and choosing the right cat litter is difficult. We offer a range of the best cat litter according to its type.  Choose the type that best suits your cat's and your needs, we'll take care of the rest.

We highly recommend our range of premium tofu cat litter. It is 100% made from all-natural tofu and soybean residue, which is safe for children and cats. It has outstanding clumping properties allowing for easy removal and is flushable for hassle-free disposal.

100% Natural

Made from natural soybean residue. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Safe for children and cats.

Easily scoopable

Liquids are quickly absorbed and form clumps which are easily scoopable. This ensures a clean and fresh litter box always.

Hassle-free disposal

Clumps instantly dissolve in water. Just scoop and flush. Perfect for the modern household.

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