Pinewood Cat Litter

From: RM18.90

Eco-friendly with a sweet pinewood scent

– 1 pack, 1 cat, 1 month
– Made from natural biodegradable pinewood
– No added chemicals
– Natural pinewood scent masks odours
– Very low dust
– No tracking for a cleaner home
– Lightweight and 4 times longer lasting than clay litter

RM18.90 / month

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100% Natural

Made from natural pinewood residue. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Safe for children and cats.

Easy handling

Liquids are quickly absorbed by the pellets, which expand and become sawdust. The sawdust falls to the bottom, leaving the dry pellets on top. Perfect for automatic cat litter boxes.

Hassle-free disposal

Remove the sawdust and use it in your garden or throw it in your household trash. Don't worry, it's completely biodegradable.

Simple & Convenient

1 cat

1 bag

1 month

Additional information


10 litres


5 kg

How many bags do I need?

Each bag is designed for 1 cat to last for 1 month.  However, depending on the size of your cat and how often your cat goes potty, results may vary.  We welcome all feedback on our products and will do our best to improve from time to time.

Is it suitable for my cat?

Of course! The 100% natural product is safe for all cats. If your cat is new to this litter, slowly transition by mixing the previous litter with this litter.

How do I dispose of the used litter?

The pellets absorb moisture rapidly, which expands and crumbles into sawdust. Use a sifter to scoop up the litter, then dispose of the sawdust into a bag. The sawdust can be used in the garden or thrown away. Do not flush!
For flushable and clumping options, try our Premium Tofu Litter range.


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